ISO 26000:2010 Certification

ISO 26000 is expounded as the International standard developed to help organizations effectively assess the social responsibilities that are significant and pertinent to their mission and vision ,processes , employees , customer , communities , stakeholders etc.

You cannot certify yourself to the standard but it provides you with various guidelines….

How you could merge socially responsible behavior into an organization-Recognizing social responsibility ISO 26000:2010 was printed in 2010 by the International Organization for Standardization.

It was written by unique multi-sectoral group representing government , non-governmental organizations , industry customer groups and other organizations around the world. It highlights the importance of results and improvements in performance on social responsibility.

Let’s discuss about some of the objectives of ISO 26000….

1.Emphasize performance results and improvement

2.Expands awareness of social responsibility

3.Promotes common phraseology in the Social Responsibility field

4.Provides guidance related to social responsibility operations

5.Increases confidence and satisfaction among customers and stakeholders of an organization

6.Helps organizations in labelling their social responsibility while respecting cultural environmental , societal and economic development conditions.

Most importantly , its aim is to contribute to global sustainable development by encourage in business and other organizations to practice social responsibility , to improve their impact on natural environment and their communities.

iso 26000 certificate

Benefits of ISO 26000:2010

According to the ISO , a good organization performance on social responsibility can have a positive impact in –

1.Marketing and customer engagement

2.Increases the productivity of employees

3.Improves brand reputation

4.Improve perception of investors , owners , financiers

5.Improves morale and commitment of employees

6.Achieve and maintain overall competitive edge


Principles of Social Responsibility


•Ethical behavior


•Respect for stakeholder interest

•Respect for rule of law

•Respect for international norms of behavior

•Respect for human rights

ISO 26000 makes particular efforts to show that its flexibility means that it can be applied by small businesses and other groups as well.

•Social responsibility is a representation of a positive image and guarantee of the

employees’ satisfaction and customers’ trust. Professionals with social responsibility certificates are a great way to attract new investors and sponsor concerned with social responsibility and sustainable development.

iso 26000 certificate.


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