ISO certification in India and it’s process.



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ISO i.e. international organization for standardization is an independent , non governmental international organizations. Most importantly , the objective of getting ISO Most importantly , the objective of getting ISO certification is to advance the improvement of standardization in the technology of every organization. ISO certification always help you improve your business integrity as well as overall growth and efficiency of your business.

As you all know that there is an increasing competition all over , and it is mandatory to deliver high quality of goods and services in order to sustain in the market. ISO certification takes care of the standard development of your company and supports you in every aspect. It’s not only improves the system of your business but also increases the reputation of it.

*Before starting with the process let’s discuss some of the types of ISO certification……

Firstly , it's very important to choose the correct type of ISO certification which is required for your business.

1. ISO 9001 2015 – Quality management
2. ISO 14001 2015 – Environmental management

3. ISO 27001 – Information security management
4. ISO 22000 – Food safety management

Let's understand the process of getting ISO

 Process for ISO certification in India
 Cost involved in the ISO certification
 Time involved in the ISO certification

*Process of ISO certification in India

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1.Generating an application :

In this basically the applicant and the registrar both have to agree on a contract made. This contract usually defines all the rights and responsibilities of both the parties. Also , it includes the concealment , liability issues and access rights.

2. Quality Document Review :

The ISO auditor will have a look on all your quality documents and manuals related to various plans of action , policies being followed in organization. Reviewing all the work will help the auditor to recognize all the possible gaps against the requirements set forth in the ISO standards.

3.Compel an Action plan :

When the ISO auditor is done with his work i.e. communication with the existing gaps in your organization , it is compulsory for you to prepare an action plan to abolish these gaps. You need to prepare a list of all the required tasks to be performed for making several changes in your organization.
All your employees should be aware about the ISO standards in terms of work efficiency and quality standards.

4.Certificate Audit :

It is divided into two categories :
*Stage 1 *Stage 2

In Stage 1 the ISO auditor audits all the possible changes made by you in the organization. In Stage 2 the ISO auditor does all the final auditing after all the required changes are made.

5.Completion/Finalization of ISO certification :

After all the negations are addressed and all the findings are put in the ISO audit report , the registrar will give you a proper ISO certification.

6.Surveillance Audits :

This measure is conducted to make sure that the highest quality standards are being maintained properly by the organization. The survey is conducted time to time. Now , let’s discuss about the COST involved in the process of ISI certification in brief.

*Cost involved in the process of ISO certification.

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Cost for getting ISO certification varies from every organization to organization. It’s not fixed . Cost of ISO certification is calculated for a particular organization after contemplating different parameters.

1. Number of processes
2. Number of working shifts
3. Number of employees working
4. Level of risk associated with services of the
5. Various difficulties in the management

*Time involved in the ISO certification process

The time involvement varies from organization to
organization i.e.

 Small organization – 6-8 months
 Large organizations – 12-15 months
 Medium organization – 8-12 months






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