Which ISO Certification is best ?http://standardcertifications.com/

ISO certification is necessary for your organization as it will obviously create a positive impact on the improvement and widening of your business.

You will find many kinds of ISO standards. It is difficult to understand which ones are the most suitable for an organization.

•If you people really want to get yourself certified to any of the ISO standard , we have demarcated some of the most popular standards below.Read on below to know about the standards more and their impact on the businesses that

employ them.

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1.ISO 9001:2015ISO 9000http://standardcertifications.com/

is the most popular family among all the certifications , under which ISO 9001: 2015 is the only one that you can be certified to.

It focuses on customer satisfaction and lays an emphasis on simultaneous improvement of an organization.

It guides you about how to put a Quality Management System in place to produce quality goods and services in a more better way.This standard is inclusive and can be used in any organization , in any sector.

2.ISO 22000ISO 22000

is mainly focused on the implementation and development of a Food Safety Management System.The standard is used by food manufacturers , restaurants and many transportation services as well.It can also help any organization that works in the food chain.

3.ISO 14001:2015

The standard is related to the environment and demonstrates requirements for Environment Management System.

4.ISO 13485

ISO 13485 puts a Quality Management System in place for the production of medical devices and equipment and is very specific to the health industry.It does not belong to any particular family like other ISO standards do. 13485 is a single document.

5.ISO 26000

The standard mainly focuses on the Social Responsibility. ISO 26000 is used over 60 countries. Although , it cannot be certified but it provides you with guidance on how businesses can operate in a socially responsible way. It also helps organizations to take various effective actions related to global social responsibility.
6.ISO 27000

Its main objective is to improve security and protect company’s assets.ISO 27000 is mainly

concerned with the information technology of an organization.
7.ISO 31000
It is very important for every organization to manage the risk effectively. ISO 31000:2009 puts in place a risk -management system to take care of that.The standard helps a company to identify all the threats before they occur and effectively administer and use resources for risk treatment.

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